Qosqo Llacta Tour

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Qosqo Llacta Tour

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It is perfect so you can get to know the colonial and cultural attractions of the city of Puma, the center of the Inca Empire. This is a walking tour through the most mysterious and beautiful city designed by the Incas.

Through this tour we can see monuments and emblematic immortal historical relics that are proudly preserved inside the walls. This enigmatic city recalls the greatness of its past, of myths and legends, which seem to come back every time one runs through their centuries-old streets that endure over time.

We begin the tour depending of the location of your hotel and your comfort.

Places to Visit

Main square and the Cathedral

The main square is the heart of Cusco. Founded by Manco Capac. With the original Quechua name ``Huacaypata`` and from there departed the paths to the four regions of the Tahuantinsuyo. The cathedral is located in the Northeast sector of the current Main square or Plaza de Armas of Cusco, upon the Suntur Wasi, the Inca Wiracocha Palace. The complex occupies an area of 3956 mt2. It is the most important religious monument in the historic center of Cusco.

Twelve angles stone

The symbol of the city of Cusco is located on Hatun Rumiyoc Street (in quechua: large stone), currently it belongs to the Archbishop's Palace and the Museum of religious art of Cusco.

San Blas neighborhood (craftsman & bohemian)

Also known ``handcraft or artisan´s neighborhood`` because it is inhabited by many craftsmen from Cusco. It is a place that must be visited no matter what in Cusco; In addition, many places in San Blas will allow you to have a beautiful view of Cusco.

Koricancha Temple

It is a quechua word that means ``Golden Temple`` However, according new research, its real name would be ``Intikancha`` which means 'Temple of the Sun'. Both names refer to the majestic golden decoration inside the temple.

San Pedro traditional market

Cusco central market or San Pedro market was built in 1925 and is the oldest market in town. The construction was directed by Gustav Eiffel, the same person who built the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

  • Destination
  • Departure
    Pick up from your hotel / hotel
  • Departure Time
    9:00 AM and 1:00 PM (subject to changes)
  • Return Time
    2:00 PM and 6:00 PM (subject to changes)
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat and light jacket.
  • Included
    Qosqo Llacta Tour
    Personal Guide
    Departure Taxes
1st Activity: Start at the Plaza de Armas of Cusco
First, we pick you up from your hotel. We start at the beautiful and modern Cusco Main Square surrounded by the colossal cathedral.
2nd Activity: View to the stone of the twelve angles
Then, we start walking to the most attractive and picturesque places of this beautiful city like; the famous twelve angle stone.
3rd Activity: Visit to San Blas
Then Then we will continue walking towards the traditional and colorful district of San Blas and the narrow streets trap in the time.
4th Activity: Visit to the Koricancha
Cusco is a mix of the Inca culture and religious culture. That’s why our next stop is Santo Domingo convent, built upon the Inca foundations of The Qoricancha or Temple of the Sun.
5th Activity: Visit to the San Pedro Market
The most important temple of the Inca Empire. Finally, we walk to San Pedro market to appreciate local products, typical life style, crafts, typical food and others.


Visit the city of the Incas

It includes

Pick up from your hotel.

Transport, it depends of your preferences.

Entrance tickets to places to visit.

Professional bilingual guide.

It does not include

Drinks and food, unless we mentioned before.