Enigmas – About Us

About Enigmas Andes Peru or Andes Peru (EIRL)

ENIGMAS ANDES PERÚ EIRL: It is a company that comes from years of experience that has acquired in the tourism area, thanks to TRAVIKUSA EIRL, who was the Manager of this company. It is characterized by providing quality services in the tourist transport on trips that are offered at the local level regional and national, and accompanied by a tourism professional with extensive experience that, it aims to propose customized programs for our clients.

The date we were born as an operator receptive travel agency in Peru “ ENIGMAS ANDES PERÚ or ANDES PERU“. The services we provide are customized with regular departures and private trips, providing services with our own vehicles. The vehicles are provided according to the quantity, preferences and comfort of our customers (H1, Renault master,) Hyundai 170 and Minibus Mercedes Bens).

The Vision

It is to be and solid, leader, innovative company which is elected by the quality of the tourist services in Peru and Latin America.

The Mission

Promote our cultural and natural wealth, offering our clients a responsible tourist service for your environment, at the same time, ensuring the well-being of our team work, customers, partners and suppliers.

Our Values



Our main goal is to achieve the Triple achievement: economic, social and environmental.



Respect and preserve the rural/andean communities and the Andean biodiversity.