Community tourism in the Andean wisemen Land / Pre – Inca architecture in Pukara / adventure tourism

Community tourism in the Andean wisemen Land / Pre – Inca architecture in Pukara / adventure tourism

The Wisemen land is conformed by 06 communities of humble and working people in Pisac heights.

The inhabitants of each community are engaged in different activities such as crafts, agriculture and many of them work as porters and cooks on the Inca Trail. Therefore, the inhabitants have adequate experience to work in the tourism sector and offer an adequate service for community tourism, an activity that is being developed with more boom thanks to the support of non-governmental association “Andes” in the andean wisemen land.

Undoubtedly is an unforgettable experience. In order to have this experience, we must leave from the navel of the world Cusco and go to the district of Pisac and then climb up to the host communities that welcome us with open arms and then we interact with the country man to take the experience of living in countryside.

Our first goal is to climb Pukara viewpoint towards Intihuatana, which is located in the Andean community of Cuyo Grande. The journey takes approximately 2 to 3 hours, depending on our pace and if you get tired and can not continue, you should not worry because with the surprise that awaits you, you will achieve it and you won’t forget it. Once in Pukara we are greeted by the famous Pututos, we dress in typical clothes and observe Pre Inca architecture in the place and then taste a typical lunch based on products from the area. For our return the fresh and pure air gives us the strength to descend.

Once we arrive to Cuyo Grande community, we visit an Artesanal center to appreciate the community members work and then we go to see bio gardens where Andean medicine still prevails, we also visit the Potato Park.

All the farmers before to start working, make a T’inka, which consists in tincar or drop a few drops of chicha, then blow a k’intu (3 coca leaves) in the direction of the Apus or Sacred Mountains to ask for permission and support to Pachamama or mother earth to start working.

In the land of the andean wise men we have many places to visit and the day is very short, for example, we have beautiful lagoons in Paru Paru Andean community (Quinsa Qocha, Anqas Qocha and Puma Qocha), also in Chahuatiri Andean community still preserve their traditions in their clothing, housing and culture, known as the land of the weavers and where is the Rock Art with an age of more than 5 thousand years BC.

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